The Smarter Way to Play with Your Food

The Problem


Is there enough time left to spend in your day growing plants?


Is it possible that learning about plants can be fun?


Is there a cheap way to grow organic plants?

To solve those problems, we present to you,


SproutUp is an awesome product to help you manage your plants in a smart, fun and easy way!


The smarter way to play with your food

Clever sensing helps you track the water, light and nutrient needs of your plants, so even when you are hard at work in the office or on holidays in the caribbean, you can rest-assured that your plants are growing happily. Get useful advice on picking plant types, growing and planting.


The fun way to forget to water your plants

Compete with your friends to learn more about the plants you grow. Play fun mini-games to earn points and swap the points for rewards that'll help improve your plants' growth. Upload photos and check on your friends' gardens to help them out.


The easier way to get mother nature in the palm of your hand

The smart app will let you know just what your plants need and when. Water, feed and give light to your plants all at the touch of a button, so you'll always be able to care for your plants, even if you are miles away.

Meet the Team

Jaco Du Plessis

Systems Designer

Matthew Gardner

Web Developer

Jared Page

Coffee Connoisseur

Justin Rahardjo

Startup Wizard

Rebecca Simpson

Marketing Whisperer


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